Guest Post: Christina Girgis - Christians and Veganism: A Match Made in Heaven and Earth

Christina Girgis writes about Christianity and veganism intersecting, and the how's and why's behind the growing movement of Christian vegans. She shares 6 main points, the first of which is called "Creation Idealism," and is included in this post.  The following five points will be coming in following days, please check back for explanation of all six of the points as she explains veganism as related to biblical Christ-following.

A match made in heaven: Christian veganism: written by Christina Gigris

I have been Christian all my life, my dad is a Baptist Pastor, all of my extended family are Christians, but I was the first vegan. My journey began when I was about ten years old, living on a farm, it was a small farm, not a factory style one, more like a lifestyle block. But I learnt to love farm animals, and care for them. So when it came to kill and eat one, I was understandably upset and didn’t want to. I looked at that meat on my plate, and I knew the name of who it came from, and had seen what they went through for it to be there. I knew that animals had feelings, individual personalities and could feel pain just like we do. So I told my parents, I don’t want to eat meat anymore. My parents laughed it off and kept trying to give it to me, and I kept trying my best to do without it. But it wasn’t until I left home at 18 that I was able to really commit to being a vegetarian. About 4 years ago a vegan friend showed me a couple of videos of what happens in the dairy and egg industries (‘Dairy is Scary’ and ‘The Truth about Eggs’), and the death and suffering that goes on. And I instantly decided to become vegan, and haven’t looked back since. I was one of those people who genuinely thought no one died for milk or eggs, how wrong I was. I’m glad that I know now, and no longer contribute to that mass, cruel, unnecessary suffering and death.

I have since shared the truth about animal agriculture with many of my friends, and had quite a few become vegan, even a couple of my cousins and two aunties. My mum has started doing meat free Monday in their house, and my Dad will now admit that he knows I’m right, even biblically, that it is better and more God honouring if we are vegan. We can all have a positive impact on those around us. Not only will you be helping their health, the animals, and the environment by teaching about veganism, but you will be helping them follow God’s preference for the world, and build Godly character.

There are many aspects to consider when talking about veganism from a Christian perspective. When I discuss it, these are the six main points I try to get people to consider.

  • Creation Idealism
  • Our God Given Nature
  • Stewardship Mandate
  • Your Body is a Temple not a Grave
  • Godly Character Building
  • Grieving God

Creation Idealism

When God created the world it was vegan, and it was good. In Genesis, it is explained that God gave ‘every green plant for food’ for both humans and animals. Animals were created not to be used or eaten, but as companions for Adam. He named each one, as you would your children, and cared for them, they were his friends. We still even now naturally choose to have animal companions and love and protect them.

God’s idea of ‘perfect’, what he called good, was a vegan world, where neither humans or animals suffered or died. This is reflected again when heaven is talked about later, where the lion and the lamb lie together and heaven is full of fruit trees. The beginning, and the end, are both vegan, so why are we trying so hard to hold on to the fallen middle part? When we have the choice now, and it’s not even hard, to go back to the way God wanted.

God’s preference, his design, and his will, is veganism. Technically, we could choose to kill for food, to choose the fallen human way, he made an allowance for that, just as he did for divorce, but that’s by no means the ideal, the way he wants, that’s making an allowance for human nature and the needs of that time, not God’s will or preference.


The next blog post will talk about "Our God Given Nature" as described by Christina. She is a wealth of knowledge, and includes these resources at the end of her article, I will include them on each separate post, in case anyone wants to look into more vegan resources:

Further Information

The Theology of Christian Veganism. A video going through the whole bible to explore how God feels about animals and our role, and his will regarding them.

The Impact of Animal Agriculture on the Environment, an article from New Zealand mainstream media news, quoting recent studies.

Forks over Knives. A website and movie explaining the health benefits of Veganism.

Challenge22. A free and easy, 22day vegan challenge, with support people and recipes, to get you started on your vegan journey.

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