Our God Given Nature, By Christina Girgis, part 2 of 5 guest post series

This post is part of a series in which regular people talk about how their belief in Jesus intersects with a vegan lifestyle.  This is the 2nd out of 5 posts by Christina Girgis on living, faith, belief and life as a Christian vegan.

Our God Given Nature

We are made in His image. We know about God’s character from Bible stories and our personal relationships with him. We all know that God has compassion, love, kindness, mercy etc. As we get closer to God we too take on these characteristics.Children are born with empathy, for humans and animals. If you put a child with a cat and a carrot they will eat the carrot and pat the cat. None of us, even as adults, enjoy killing or causing suffering. Our instincts, our God given conscience, gives us empathy for animals. Like God, we don’t want to see them suffer, or cause it. When we see a dog on the road we swerve to avoid it, we help an injured build, or save a drowning hedgehog from a pool. If we saw an animal we could help, we wouldn’t hesitate to do it. But then in the same breath, we pay someone to torture and kill other animals for us, and really, those animals are no different to a pet dog or cat, or a possum on the road, or a baby bird fallen from a nest.

When we train our children to turn off their natural empathy towards animals, by saying it’s just meat, or lying and saying the animals give their lives for us, and don’t suffer, or that we need to kill them to survive, when we laugh at them for saying I don’t want to eat a bird I love birds, and make them do it anyway. That’s us working against our own conscience, which God put there for us to use, and worse, dimming down that child’s light.


God is compassionate and merciful to us, we don’t even deserve it, animals don’t sin, they really do deserve our compassion and mercy, we should follow God’s example and show that same compassion and mercy to the animals we are called to look after on this earth.

I often say to people, veganism is just lining your plate up with the morals you already have. None of us want to cause suffering, and the good news is we don’t have to.


The next blog post will talk about "Stewardship Mandate" as described by Christina. As a Christian vegan, she is a wealth of knowledge, and includes these resources at the end of her article; I will include them on each separate post, in case anyone wants to look into more vegan resources:

Further Information

The Theology of Christian Veganism. A video going through the whole bible to explore how God feels about animals and our role, and his will regarding them.

The Impact of Animal Agriculture on the Environment, an article from New Zealand mainstream media news, quoting recent studies.

Forks over Knives. A website and movie explaining the health benefits of Veganism.

Challenge22. A free and easy, 22day vegan challenge, with support people and recipes, to get you started on your vegan journey.


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