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Would you like to have YOUR vegan group's logo on a shirt? Profit for every shirt on our website is donated to one of three carefully selected vegan nonprofits, though shirts in the fundraiser category are unique- they benefit a specific vegan organization. 

We offer this service free and only for vegan groups. We will not withhold any of the funds from your sales besides the very small merchant fees. Funds raised for your group could be anywhere from $3 and up.

The first step is to contact us at and share what your group is all about, your timeline for needing shirts or wanting them available to your supporters, and decide if it makes sense to do this.  We are happy to answer any questions that you have about it. 

Details from there, if we move forward:
1. Prepare your logo file at 350 dpi and save as a JPG, PNG or PSD file.
2. Choose whether you want it on black, navy or white. (Offering more than one color and/or offering kids sizes or a different type of shirt- long sleeve, tank top, etc.- is possible but will change the $$ side of things a bit.)
3. Decide on a price for your shirt, it can be anywhere from $13 and up.
4. Provide a written description for your shirt and/or group, if you don't provide anything, we will write something that seems fitting.
5. Provide paypal email address for the person to receive the money raised from your shirts.
6. See & approve the link for your shirts.
7. Share it!

Your logo or shirt design- we can sometimes help design or convert your logo to being print ready for a shirt. We have limited availability for readying graphics for shirt prints, because it can become time consuming- let's talk about it via email if you don't have a ready-to-use design. Obviously, we can't do this for everyone but feel honored to to support other groups on the same mission for the animals. It is to up to our discretion which groups we can support in this way.

Keep in mind that all orders are printed on demand, so your supporters can buy one when they wish, and it is shipped directly to them- the printing process usually takes 3-5 days until the order ships out and shipping is normally around $4 per shirt. 

The amount of money you raise for your cause varies depending on the sale price of your shirts. 

Once a month (or we can set up another schedule if needed for a certain event), I will send you the money raised for your group, via paypal. 

Toronto Save Movement DXE Grand Rapids Farm Animal Save Group Animal Activism Fundraising vegan tshirts

* You could also fund raise with canvas bags!



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