About & Why?

  • Who is behind this company?  I'm Allie, I'm a passionate vegan yoga teacher and homeschool mom to four sons- all vegan by their own choice. My kids are 14, 12, 8 and 5, my oldest son was the first to make the shift and my youngest was the last; I was in the middle, myself.  It's been a beautiful journey. 

    We are a homeschooling family, so as a learning experience in a million different ways, we design these shirts together.  It's a very small business and a passionate team endeavor at our kitchen table. We hope to get the idea of kindness for all in front of more people.  We are hoping to create some designs that speak to people of faith. We hope to plant seeds of possibility that God may water according to His timing. Several of the designs focus on a biblical message, some more obvious than others.

    When we connect with the compassion and wisdom within us, it becomes clear that we can choose other things to eat rather than supporting violence and killing.  We believe that God does not love His creatures with four legs any less than He loves those with two legs and that "dominion" means something very different than what many Christians interpret.  As Christ followers ourselves, we pray that these shirts help to start conversations and help people make the connection between their choices and the suffering of others.  We hope that these shirts start conversations about a loving God (who commanded that we not kill) who cares for ALL of His creation. Our goal is to get the shirts OUT- to keep prices low to get people wearing the message.

    Any profit we make is donated back into a non-profit vegan organization that helps animals, either All Species Kinship, Sanctuary Moon or GR VegFest. Yes, ALL profit.  Beyond the cost of running the website and transaction fees, 100% will go to benefit vegan organizations that either save animals or educate people on better treatment of animals.  We will not pay ourselves first, or at all.  Donating our time and effort is the least we can do, and has been a really enjoyable endeavor to do this together.  Thanks for reading & being here.  Your support means so much.  Please spread the word on social media for us.  We would love to hear from you- use the contact page and let us know what you like or what you want to see more of!

    vegan tshirt with Diann the cow